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is image really everything?

Depends on who you ask.  Politicians, athletes and stars are so concerned about their images that they hire people to promote them.  Product managers in corporations go to great lengths to protect "brand image."

Imagery Marketing & Research Consultants is a group of dedicated advertising, public relations and marketing professionals committed to offering you the resources you need at affordable costs.  Our company, based in Mobile, AL since 1988, has grown to include clients around the world.

We provide traditional advertising and public relations services and specialize in strategic planning, crisis management, mystery shopping programs, employee training programs, research design and facilitation, special events, web design and maintenance, and social media strategy and implementation.    

Imagery is the only agency in south Alabama approved by the Alabama Beverage Control to offer the Responsible Vendor Program to convenience and package store owners, managers and employees selling alcohol and tobacco for off-premise use.

notary 2go On demand document notarization is available in a limited service area.  Appointment  
Your image is important to you.  It's also important to us. 

Let  us help you enhance and protect your image!

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